My wife Pooja and I started a new dance / exercise class named Bhangracise (Bhangra + Exercise). For those of you who are not familiar with Bhangra, it is a dance form from North India. Getting back to Bhangracise, so this lady who teaches this class thought of a fun way of exercising i.e. embedding bhangra moves with in an exercise routine and believe me, you end up losing more than  400 – 500 calories in one hour of this class. I have been away from workout for quite some time, so this is a good start for me. I go there 2 days a week and at the end of my exercise routine, I can barely stand, so based on my naive knowledge, I guess it is quite an effective way to exercise! 🙂

I have always enjoyed Bhangra music, as well as dancing to it, and I really hope to learn some new moves by the end of this class aswell!


One response to “Bhangracise

  1. should do a lot good to you both. try and be regular. god bless you

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