First Day at Microsoft

So today was my first day at Microsoft and being an orientation day, I would say it was pretty interesting. All of you who have been through new employee orientations would seem to agree that orientations can get pretty boring, but I would say inspite of not having a good sleep the night before, I was pretty active through out the orientation and that speaks for itself that I really enjoyed my first day at Microsoft.

I had heard a lot about diveristy at Microsoft but today was the day when I saw it in action. So among group of people who were joining today, few had flown over to the USA for the first time from different countries and I started thinking about how many other companies provide such opportunities, probably not a lot many. 

Also, I met this american guy who had been to India few days back on a business trip and he was all praise for India particularly Hyderabad. He was very impressed by the openness of Indian culture and fact that people celebrate christmas and other festivals with so much excitement and how people have so many great ideas and willingness to share those ideas with others. Oh man, I was feeling so proud to hear his great comments.

Tommrow I get to meet my team and see my office. I am really looking forward to it. Not only am I exicted about working at Microsoft, besides other benefits, I am most exicted about the fact that I will have an office now and pro club membership.



5 responses to “First Day at Microsoft


    while we wish you all the best in your new assignment,we are pretty confident and sure that the person of your capabilities andof nice virtues is bound to rise to top . keep these values upand GOD will help you all through. GOD bless you.
    Our best wishes are always with you

  2. Nice to see you blog. Good luck with your new job! You are now a part of the Microsoft family 🙂

  3. Thank you Papa and Suchi for your wishes. Keep on checking back as I need some motivation to keep blogging.

  4. Fan mail complaining…. no new blogs! 😦

  5. Congratulations! 🙂

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